Why Is My Balcony Leaking

Unfortunately, Leaking Balconies are the same as Leaking Showers, except Balconies are outside under all extreme types of weather elements.

Although Balconies may leak due to a number of reasons, the most common cause of seal leakage is building movement, i.e. as a building settles into it’s foundations or moves naturally with hot and cold weather. This movement can result in weakening or cracking of grout, seal, tile and skirting / floor junctions as this eventually allows water to penetrate beneath the surface of the tiles.

Waterproof Membrane Fails are another cause for seal leakage. Beneath the surface of the tiles there is usually some kind of waterproofing membrane designed to prevent water penetrating the surrounding areas. Unfortunately these sealing membranes are also susceptible to building movement, poor installation and chemical breakdown with age.
Once this membrane has been breached, water is free to penetrate into the surrounding areas and cause damage.

A Leaking Balcony can lead to structural damage and expensive repairs. As soon as a leak is suspected, it should be investigated and repaired ASAP.

What can cause the problem?

If there is a room directly under the balcony, it may smell musty, the balcony tiles are changing to a darker colour, damp patches are appearing on the ceiling of the below room, or if any other symptoms of a leaking balcony are evident; it could be due to any of the following:

✅ Pinholes in grout
✅ Poorly grouted tiles
✅ Not enough drainage
✅ Incorrect fall and water ponding
✅ No puddle flange installed under the floor grate
✅ Cut edges of tiles exposed on balcony
✅ Structural movement of the building
✅ Waterproofing membrane not included in installation
✅ Tiles not correctly bedded into adhesive
✅ Cracked tiles and missing tiles on a balcony indicate movement and damage to the substrate.
✅ The presence of loose or hollow ‘drummy’ sounding tiles is also a serious sign of a leaking balcony, as this means your tiles are not adhering to the adhesives below, and allowing space for water to pool.
✅ Faulty tiling on a balcony can leave your perimeter joints exposed and allow water access to your surrounding walls.
✅ Cracked grout, and missing grout of any kind is a sure sign of a leaking balcony and will allow water direct access to your membrane and can cause major and costly damage.
✅ Split membrane or damaged membrane can cause your leaking balcony to allow water to penetrate through to the support beams resulting in major damage.
✅ Split Seals will also allow water access to perimeter walls.

And a list of other reasons that generally point to either poor workmanship or failure to follow the building code.

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