Traditional Tiling Method

✅ The removal of floor tiles, bottom row wall tiles and hob tiles where required.
✅ The removal of the cement screed
✅ Assessment of the sub-floor will be carried out to determine if a new fibre sheet is installed (An extra cost may be incurred).
✅ New sheeting may need to be fitted to bottom row area.
✅ The installation of a new waterproof membrane as per AS3740 (Australian Standards).
✅ New cement screed is installed with adequate fall to the floor waste.
✅ New tiles are fitted to the floor, bottom row of walls and to the hob if required.
✅ All new tiled areas will be grouted with superior SealRITE products.


* Once Service has been completed, the serviced areas can be used 24 hours after completion.

** Note that if a full shower retile is required, the above method is followed to include the full retile of the shower recess walls.

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