SealRITE Shower Service

✅ All existing grout or silicone being removed from all shower floor grout joints including around the floor waste, main floor perimeter (wall to floor) joints and main vertical (wall to wall) joints to a suitable depth.
✅ The SealRITE Reactive Grout product is then applied and used as a grout replacement
✅ The deteriorated and mouldy shower screen silicone is removed.
✅ The SealRITE Flex product is applied to the shower screen inside perimeter.
✅ Existing wall grout being cleaned and a clear penetrating sealer applied.
✅ Tap flanges are sealed behind where possible.
✅ Note: Where existing wall grout is cracked, pitted, porous and severely mouldy, a full re-grout may be required. This will be determined at your free consultation and quote presentation.

Once Service has been completed, the serviced areas can be used 24 hours after completion.

The above SealRITE Shower Service is based on a solid structure, no movement, no cracked tiles, tiles not mosaic.

The above SealRITE Shower Service when completed eliminates water penetration below the tiled surface by installing the new SealRITE grout system.

** Note that this SealRITE Shower Service is not sold as a Waterproofing Service.




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