Real Estate & Strata

Real Estate and Strata

SealRITE Solutions are Professional, Experienced, Licenced, Insured and have your clients best interests at heart.

The team at SealRITE are there to service all your repair needs ranging from;

  • Leaking Shower Repairs
  • Leaking Balcony Repairs
  • Bathroom Rejuvenation/Restoration
  • Pre Sale or Lease Property Re-fresh
  • Grout Replacement and Cleaning
  • Silicone Replacement
  • Tile Repair
  • Waterproofing
  • Pressure Cleaning & More

Our commitment to clients is second to none. We know and understand how important your clients are to your business both short and long term. With a wealth of experience in both the repair and real estate/property industry we have the experience and skill to properly deal with your tenants, owners, committee members etc. without causing further issues for you.

This means SealRITE will provide a very professional approach to ensure minimal disturbance is carried out from scheduling in the quote/inspection all the way through to completing the repair and leaving the property in great condition.

Our diagnosis process is conducted by Licensed Waterproofers (Not Sales People) utilising the latest technology combined with extensive knowledge and experience. A diagnosis report of the area of concern will be provided including photos and a video of the damage and the areas of concern where necessary.
Before and after photos will be sent after the work has been completed and in some cases (re-tiling and waterproofing repairs) progress photos will be provided.

Also when conducting our diagnosis reports for Real Estates and Strata’s, we know the importance of the breakdown percentage between Strata vs Owner costs for internal and common area walls where required. This will be presented in the quotation for you to pass onto your committee members and landlords.

SealRITE Solutions follows the NSW Dept of Fair Trading Warranties as per Licences and DO NOT PROMOTE FALSE WARRANTIES through marketing ploys which consist of false warranties, misleading wording and deception to get sales.

At SealRITE, we pride ourselves on quality of services & workmanship as we are committed to provide all our customers the experience they deserve.

Please feel free to fill out the below form to have one of our team members call you to arrange details for the property you would like inspected.